ReSTOR and Rezoom are two different kinds of multi-focusing lens implants.  These technological advances in intraocular lenses now allow many people to live their lives free from glasses or contacts.  In most cases, an intraocular lens (IOL) is implanted into the eye at the time of cataract surgery.  This lens replaces the natural lens that is removed due to its opacified (cataractous) state.  Two main options now exist in the selection of which type of lens to implant.  The first option is a standard mono-focusing lens (a convention monofocal implant) that is designed to focus at a single distance (far or near).  The second option is to implant a multi-focusing lens (a multifocal implant) such as ReSTOR or Rezoom.  These multi-focusing implants are designed to allow patients to see at far, intermediate, and near distances without the need for glasses.  These multi-focusing implants in many ways allow patients to see like they did when they were in their twenties and thirties.

ReSTOR and Rezoom lenses are premium implant lenses that can radically change a person’s life, by freeing them from the need for any kind of glasses or contact lenses.  Most patients that receive these implants say that they never use glasses- not to read, not to drive, not to work on the computer-never.  Multi-focusing implants have revolutionized cataract surgery so much so that some people actually opt to have their natural lens removed and replaced with ReSTOR or Rezoom IOLs, before they even develop a cataract.  This process is called refractive lens exchange, and has been performed for years with standard mono-focusing lenses.  Now, all the benefits of cataract surgery can be combined with these new multi-focusing IOLs (such as ReSTOR and Rezoom) to provide an even better lifestyle and visual experience.
The ReSTOR and Rezoom IOLs are not for everyone, and only you and an eye surgeon that is highly trained in the use of these IOLs can determine if these premium lenses are right for you. Call the Texas Vision & Laser Center today for a consultation on refractive lens exchange and premium multi-focusing IOLs.